We are now taking walk in appointments.

Our current ours are 0900-1400 Mon-Wed & Friday.

Group briefings: These are call in briefings for Members who have completed all requirements in and have uploaded orders, DD 1299, and DD 1797. Member will be counseled on personal property entitlements and shipment options. Member must have in hand DD 1299 and 1797 at the time of the briefing.

Please sign up for a date/time for either CONUS or OCONUS moves.

For Personally Procured Move (PPM) reimbursements, please submit all paperwork to the Personal Property org box listed below for processing. Required documents: PCS Orders, DD Form 2278, DD Form 1351-2, all applicable receipts & contracts, PPM checklist, and empty & full weight tickets of the vehicle used, with license plate number. Please write your last name and the last four digits of your SSN on your weight tickets. Please ensure all documents are legible and that all carbon copies are readable.

Passenger Travel bookings can easily be made over email and phone. However, if you have a unique or complicated situation and need to book OCONUS travel, we recommend making an appointment. If a member is booking CONUS commercial travel, they should contact SATO directly. SATO books all commercial CONUS travel and is teleworking full-time. SATO’s contact information is below. Please note that the Passenger Travel Office only books commercial CONUS travel if the member does not have a GTC.

Personal Property Contact Information


Comm: 301-981-7520/4451

DSN: 858-7520/4451

Passenger Travel Contact Information


Comm: 301-981-7626/2867

DSN: 981-7626/2867

Passenger Travel After Hours (1630-0800) Emergency Standby Line: 240-216-6056

SATO Contact Information (for CONUS travel)


Comm: 1-800-705-7526